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Cara has 25 years experience teaching  Step, interval training , Bootcamp, Spin ,Tabata  and anything else you could  think of .  .  Cara Taught at Lakeside fitness for 22 years and has been with PRFC for 3 years. She welcomes everyone to her class from beginners to advanced . It’s always a fun and energetic class for participants. She looks forward to seeing you all there !!!!

Sloane has a B.A. in Kinesiology from the University of Winnipeg where she played volleyball.

It is here in university where she explored her first yoga class in hopes of gaining strength to assist with injuries endured from her volleyball career.

From this, yoga has been a passion and part of her life ever since, having traveled to Rishikesh, India in 2016 to obtain her 300 hour YTT.

Sloane has a passion for functional movement and meeting your body (and mind) where it’s at.  Sloane’s classes offer a focus on tuning in to one’s breath and body while moving mindfully.  Her classes offer chances to explore challenges as well as relaxation with a dash of humor.

Sloane now considers herself a local of Penticton having lived here for 8 years.  She enjoys playing outside and participating in local triathlon and swimming events.

Rachel Cunningham has an Exercise Science degree from the university of Southern Maine where she played NCAA hockey.  When she graduated from school she focused on personal training, strength and conditioning and group fitness, teaching a variety of different workouts.  After a few years in the industry she went into exercise rehabilitation, working with orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists to return athletes back to sport. Rachel is new to Penticton, just finishing up maternity leave and loving the outdoor atmosphere as her and her family are big outdoor people.  Biking, hiking, swimming, skiing you name it!

 Yoga became a passion for Cheryl in the early 90’s and proved to be life changing and so very enriching.  She became certified in 1997 and promptly began sharing the practice as her understanding of the ancient teachings were shared with her.  Her specialty has always been therapeutic yoga, helping others find their way to wellness and continuing on that path.  Along with a 2.5 year Yoga Teacher training program she also studied general anatomy and physiology and continues to upgrade in both areas as she says, “There is always new information to build upon.  One could not possibly absorb the many teachings and variations of ‘True Yoga – Union of Body Breath and Mind’ in one lifetime but I continue to try”.

 She holds certification from internationally acknowledged SOYA – South Okanagan Yoga Academy, IYTA – International Yoga Teachers Association, E-RYT500 – Yoga Alliance of North America as a Teacher of Teachers, YABC – Yoga Association of BC and Anatomy for Healers in Canada as well as various other shorter intense programs.

To this day, over 20 years later, yoga is her passion and sharing it her great pleasure.


 Lorna’s avid pursuit of yoga began in high school when she would attend yoga classes with her Mom.  After many years of distance running and chronic injury, Lorna returned to yoga as a means to regain flexibility and renewed body awareness.  She has studied with yoga masters such as Rod Stryker, Erich Schiffman, Tracy Rich and Ganga White, Dharma Mitra and David Swenson in addition to attending on going teacher trainings and yoga workshops.  Lorna has certificates in teacher training from the Shioki Yoga Centre as well as the South Okanagan Yoga Academy. 

  Lorna’s classes are comprised of creative standing flow sequences along with reclined poses to cultivate strength, balance and renewed energy.  She welcomes all levels of students to her classes!



 Sabrina Addeo leads her students through smooth transitions and correct alignment with careful cues. She brings warmth, support, and fine-tuned adjustments to all her classes. Sabrina fell in love with yoga when she recognized the peace, authenticity, and stamina a regular practice brought to her life as a law student. As her exploration of yoga deepened, she found herself feeling more confident, compassionate, awakened, and healthy.

  Sabrina decided to devote herself to yoga full time. She earned her first Certification in Costa Rica and began teaching Hot Yoga in Victoria. She later travelled to the White Lotus Foundation in California to earn her second Certification with Ganga White and Tracey Rich, early developers of Flow Yoga. Sabrina’s Vinyasa studies at White Lotus solidified her belief that becoming acquainted with the body also awakens and steadies the mind. Sabrina loves to learn and she is presently studying Prenatal, Foot, and Men’s Yoga.   Sabrina is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher.