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 Sabrina Addeo leads her students through smooth transitions and correct alignment with careful cues. She brings warmth, support, and fine-tuned adjustments to all her classes. Sabrina fell in love with yoga when she recognized the peace, authenticity, and stamina a regular practice brought to her life as a law student. As her exploration of yoga deepened, she found herself feeling more confident, compassionate, awakened, and healthy.

  Sabrina decided to devote herself to yoga full time. She earned her first Certification in Costa Rica and began teaching Hot Yoga in Victoria. She later travelled to the White Lotus Foundation in California to earn her second Certification with Ganga White and Tracey Rich, early developers of Flow Yoga. Sabrina’s Vinyasa studies at White Lotus solidified her belief that becoming acquainted with the body also awakens and steadies the mind. Sabrina loves to learn and she is presently studying Prenatal, Foot, and Men’s Yoga.   Sabrina is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher.

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